Orgasms but too tight! (back pain) Help!

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Orgasms but too tight! (back pain) Help!

Postby » Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:48 pm

Everytime I do the gspot massage and oral together and she has a large deep forceful orgasm she has intense back pain and can continue to sex w/ some discomfort but does not want anymore fingering/direct gspot stimulation even after a short break. How can I teach her to cum w/o having a "back" orgasm or tightening her back so much. In David Shade's material he talks about continuous gspot and deep spot orgasms. Even when I give her clitoral orgasms from fingering she has one or 2 and really tightens and arches her back when she cums and it starts hurting. Interestingly I can give her multiples sometimes during missionary or her on top w/ dirty talk and she can have multiples w/o having to stop from having the severe back pain.

We have a good sex life but I feel like we've been stalled out from going deeper b/c of the back issues. She has no back pain outside of the bedroom to speak of!!
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