Week 2 homework

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Week 2 homework

Postby shine » Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:19 pm

I just finished my first real ESE. It was an interesting experience.

I had gone swimming in a pool to wake up my body and when I got back from the gym, I began my practice.
I massaged and touched myself all over my body. I tried to do what Dustin said and to "Give myself the
love and care that I would give a lover." It seemed to work nicely and I was actually a little surprised by the
pleasure I could give myself.

I got under the bed sheets and rubbed my legs together under the sheets while I rubbed my hands up and down
my abdomen so I was getting a lot of stiumlation. I only used very light touch on my genitals as I wanted
to see how much pleasure I could get without really using my genitals.

I felt the sexual energy building up at the base of my penis where it meets my abdomen. From there I could
feel some of the energy moving to the spot where my left thigh meets my abdomen. For some reason my sexual
energy always seems to want to go there. I could feel just a little bit of it building up and only a very
slight pain.

I tried clenching my pc muscles during the ESE and I didn't find it very pleasurable. Actually it helped
to bring my arousal down. I guess it kind of felt like hard work in the midst of a pleasurable relaxing

All in all I felt it was a success as I really woke up my entire body. It was very different than a normal habitual self pleasuring session for sure.

I really wish I knew why my sexual energy keeps building up in the same place. I also wish I knew what to
do with the stagnant energy lingering in my abdomen area. Any ideas or help would be greatly

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