Week 2, ESE

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Week 2, ESE

Postby dchandran » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:55 pm

I discussed my experiences with my 1st ESE on the call on April 21st. I was able to do the 2nd ESE on the day after the call, so I will post these impressions with Week 2. Focusing on breaking previous habits has been challenging. I particular have a tendency to rush through the staircase. So, I decided to focus again on massaging and delaying any stroking until 10 minutes in. I alotted 30 minutes for the activity.

I did better with breathing and Kegel's. i was able to reach a 7-7.5 and back off about 3 times to about a 5 or 6. On the 4th time, I reached about an 8-8.5 and I couldn't stop. The time from an 8-10 went by too quickly. I did recognize that my breathing was rapid and too shallow at the time, but it obviously felt too good at that point. I finished with about 5 minutes left and I did some massaging while focusing on deep breathing.

I felt positive about the ability to delay for those 3 times. Looking forward to being able to know where I am on the staircase and having more control when I reach about an 8.

The Kegel's have been really helpful!!!!

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