Week 2 excercise

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Week 2 excercise

Postby rsykes » Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:55 pm

I tried playing around with doing the self exploration work a few times this week. I've been in the midst of designing a new project and redesigning an old one, and when i'm in that mode it's very very difficult for me to slow my mind and be present, and so staying with it this week was pretty hard. But I feel like I did make some progress. I concentrated on touching myself with my free hand and definitely felt more erotic energy throughout my body when pleasuring myself. Especially touching up my navel and chest, I felt the waves of pleasure rushing up and making me move my whole body in tune with them. I'm also starting to feel like the pc excercises are allowing me to really clamp down and hold off on ejaculating. I feel like it's still pretty hard to get to 9 and just stay there, but using my PC muscle allows me to stay at 9 for just a few seconds longer. I have also noticed that I'm getting more of a whole body warm, tingling feeling that I remember only getting before from sex with a partner or kundalini yoga, but not masturbation. I feel like i've also been more aware of my breath during masturbation- even though i'm pretty used to breathing deeply and in different ways from yoga, it still takes some thought and presence of mind to apply that in masturbation when my normal habits keep wanting to come up.


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