Exploring, myself

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Exploring, myself

Postby SweaterHeckler » Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:00 pm

I treated myself like a lover for this exercise: I drew a bath, lit some candles, put on nice music. I've never been a particularly erotic person in other parts of my body besides my genitals (I guess oral areas excepted) so I was eager to try "waking up" other areas. And while I slapped and scratched and felt all areas of my body over and over it never felt particularly erotic. I'm not expecting results immediately, but truthfully, I found myself getting distracted. And, this may well be part of my own patterns of disconnection when it comes to a partner -- being easily distracted! Anyhow, the experience was interesting and worthwile and I look forward to doing it again -- though not in the bath, it seemed to be distracting somehow, as I'm not usually pleasuring myself in the bath.

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