Self-sexploration sexercise.

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Self-sexploration sexercise.

Postby merc » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:15 am

What I noticed:

Started by just putting attention all over my body...found out that light touch is actually more of a turnon than any other type of touch when I'm touching myself...

And I feel "cold chills"/ tingles up my back whenever I run fingers along my sides of my torso...

It's become REALLY distinct after years of looking to cultivate more body erotic sensitivity ... this may be due to that I did 5 sessions of kundalini yoga last week, which is all about opening up the channels in the body for chi to flow...

I noticed also that my balls have become more and more sensitive over the years....

Also noticed that I have different parts to my pelvic floor (again, noticing this from Kundalini yoga) -- that pulling up on anus is different from pulling up on perineum...

Still womdering if the way I'm drawing in is in the right direction, because the energy going up my back (the tingles) doesn't feel like it's coming from the sex center (2nd chakra), seems like it's just emerging from the sides of the body, and moving up, and seems independent of whether I'm building it up in my cock/genital area or not.

Can anyone shed light on this? Maybe I'm getting ahead of things, but I know that for full-body orgasms, I want to draw the energy to other parts of my body... is this sexual energy, or some other energy that i'm feeling?

I went for the full 30 minutes... and held down hard on the perineum when I came to block the semen from ejaculating..., because I like to retain the semen (for energy retention reasons -- I often feel drained/less sex drive if I ejaculate full-on...)

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