Week 3, ESE and Breathing

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Week 3, ESE and Breathing

Postby wrldtree » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:54 pm

In my last two ESE experiences I may have experienced a small breakthrough. I've essentially been trying to explore erotic experience beyond my masturbation habits. The habit has been to get off using a pillow between my legs, rather than manual stimulation, which I assume is the usual way for most guys. I was having difficulty making the transition, I assume because of my age (I'm 54). But starting Monday things have improved. BTW, I went on a sort of shamanic journey this weekend and Destin suggested that I create an intention around moving and expressing more energy in the lower chakras. That may have helped. Anyway, with some lubrication I seem to do much better in that area. Maybe it's just learning to be a little better at hand manipulation. The focus was primarily on my cock, not so much on the rest of my body, although I did try this somewhat, which didn't seem to add that much. But I'll keep trying. Of course, I tried to slow things down to explore the different levels on the ES. I got to level 8 and tried to explore how that felt. But again, I keep forgetting to watch how I am breathing. I think this may have something to do with the way I usually get aroused through my imagination (usually through rather soft porn-like imagery). Perhaps that gets me into my head in a way that gets me away from being present with my body and breathing. Still, it felt like I was making progress. I tried not ejaculating (mainly because of the instructions to avoid sex after the shamanic ceremony) but I was having some trouble sleeping, so I went ahead. One last thing, an insight from the shamanic journey (actually there were many insights) was that I needed to be more of man by being more present with my brothers on this site more. Which I have not been, really, maybe because of some other comittments that take up time. So I just wanted to acknowledge that and have the intention to be more present, reading and commenting on the forums, as well as sharing more myself. Thanks to you all.

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