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Catch up time

Postby taodog » Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:27 am

Hey guys, sorry for not posting since my introduction. I really appreciate what Destin said in this weeks videos, about integrity and following through with commitments. I made a list the other day of all my commitments (in all areas of my life) and I commited to post here at least once a week, as well, of course, as doing all the coursework. I must admit that I slacked off on last week's homework and didn't even once practice self-pleasuring. I did look at porn and jerk off the day after our week-long commitment was over. By the way, I didn't hear you mention that on the last call, Destin. I wonder how many of us followed through with that.

Though I didn't do my PC muscle exercises last week more than a couple times, when I remembered, tonight I went at the 75 reps and am happy to report it was no problemo. I remember when I first tried doing PC muscle exercises a couple years ago and it was pretty strenuous. Though I never felt a burn (or tear) in the muscles, they weakened quickly. Fortunately, the muscles do strengthen quickly and serve their function in the practice pretty well with intermediate development. I do recommend using the starting and stopping pee flow technique in the very beginning, as Destin recommended, and then stop using it when you feel like you can stop and start quickly and easily several times in one pee; just so you can see your rapid progress. Probably no more than two weeks.

I was going to practice some self-pleasuring (solo-cultivation) tonight...about an hour ago...but then I realized I really did have to do some things first. Just as I would honor a lover with my full attention and integrity, I didn't want to have looming responsibilities on my mind. I wanted to feel more whole. A large part of why I undertook this practice in the first place (2.5 years ago) was to be a better man - the most conscientious lover I could be for my chosen partner. Part of being a good man is, indeed, having integrity and being responsible. Why would I not take the same care to have fulfilled my duties before I make love to myself, as I would before I make love to a lover?

So now that I took care of business and prepared my bedroom for lovin', I'm gonna grab the coconut oil, put on some candles and music, and get in back in touch with my body!

OH, I do want to note that my solo (and partner practice) is greatly enhanced by first doing stretches/warm-ups and qigong/yoga. Even just a little. It makes a significant difference to how much I am able to move my energy and feel everything in my body. It is really important for our bodies to be as open and flowing as possible. It makes everything work better. So, I'm gonna do that first... One thing that is super-cool is that my final exercise when I do qigong involves running my hands all over my body, from head to toe, in the direction the energy flows in. A perfect segue into my erotic exploration. Gonna touch myself as I would want a lover to after that! :D Fun, fun...

I'll report back tomorrow about my experience. Looking forward to reading the experiences you guys have had so far, also.

And I have been practicing breath awareness, even though my bitch ass hasn't been meditating this week. Argh.

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