Sounds like fun

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Sounds like fun

Postby taodog » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:03 pm

Sound is UHHH!!

After first looking into this course, I mentioned to Destin how impressed I was that he incorporated the element of sound and gave it its own week! Somehow, I've always been a person who can't help but make a sound (involuntarily) when something feels good. Just like you might say "mmm" when something tastes good. I have a whole involuntary language of sounds. My lovers learn pretty quickly what everything means. So in my sexual interactions with women (and with myself), sound is just a natural part of it. My lovers have always really appreciated it and told me how quiet most guys are when they have sex. Women appreciate when we vocalize, both because they want to please us, and because they want to know we're engaged in the act with them, not in our heads, anxious, insecure. Allowing ourselves to vocalize gives them feedback to know what they are doing feels good and to know how turned on we are. It also gives us feedback about the same.

I know for myself that when a woman is really turned on and vocalizing a lot, it majorly ups my arousal state. That was something I really had to work with when I first started practicing. Lots of "sorry, baby...hold on...I have to move my energy", allowing my arousal to diminish a little, then continuing, getting her to build again. I think it's really the combination of a woman's orgasmic vaginal/pc contractions and vocalizations that kicks me the hardest, but I know that even non-orgasmic vocalizations from a woman turn me on. The bottom line of this topic for me is that if I am not present in my practice, with my breath, energy, body, I will blow a load when a woman is screaming her head off. That was def the major thing that caused me to ejaculate with a partner before I took on this practice. Of course it would be a drag when I blew it before her orgasm peaked...and we were both disappointed. I digress... Oh, one other note: in the beginning, my lover was able to sacrifice a little for me, by trying to be a little quieter when she was approaching orgasm. She was smart. ;) I never would have asked her to do that, but she figured out for herself that she wouldn't have to wait for me as much if she was quieter. I knew she was going to cum, felt her energy building, her muscles contracting, but just the fact that she wasn't moaning and squeeling (much) helped me out a lot, till my practice got stronger.

So...I was already a very vocal lover. But when I started practicing my own ESE a couple years ago, I immediately saw how important vocalization was to moving the energy. SO MUCH energy builds in our pelvic regions when we are highly aroused. Giving that arousal feeling a voice, and even more of a voice, draws that energy up into your body, increasing your over-all pleasure, and also holding off ejaculation, without even thinking about it. Of course, vocalization isn't everything in this practice, but it is a major key for me.

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