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Postby emitidy » Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:56 pm

This week was excellent! I love using sounds now when self pleasuring.

This is pretty new to me too and I've found that I have more control and more pleasure... It's just a good time. To anyone who might read this who hasn't been getting into making moaning sounds you are really missing out.

I noticed some blocks regarding making sound though and I still haven't got the courage to really yell out because I always have room mates around and my walls are thin but now I turn on loud music and get to a moderate level.

Another block I noticed was not in me but in my girlfriend. As it turns out she doesn't want for us to make sounds very much especially at her house because she lives with her teenage daughter. I used to want to be quiet too so I might be able to coax her out of her "properness". I use that word because I feel that it does a good job of summing up my reasons for previously wanting to be quiet. Someone on the call used the word "neighborly". It's not a straight up fear... at least it doesn't appear to be one at first, but a will to not inconveniance anyone maybe. Actually I'm not sure yet, maybe it is a fear of making sexual sounds.

I know personally I love it when I hear others getting down. Oh well I guess I'm only one week into this so I guess I have the rest of my life to build up my confidence and purrrfect my growl.

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