Wow, nice energy breakthrough

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Wow, nice energy breakthrough

Postby scorpyg » Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:44 am

So I've been playing with energy flow and the microcosmic orbits. One exercise I've been playing with to assist with energy flow is some "slow movement" exercises, kind of like Tai Chi, but just exploring slow, fluid movements that move the energy through my body. One expert referred to is as "working in" as opposed to "working out," where the exercise is designed to move muscles without raising your heart rate. The concept is that such movements actually create energy as opposed to burning energy. I have found that doing these exercises does create energy which I can focus on channeling through my body and it feels good.

So I did an ESE after doing some of these "working in" exercises and it made for an experience where the energy felt like it was flowing without me having to overthink it. I found I was able to enjoy higher levels of stimulation and excitement than I ever had without feeling that I would come or I needed to stop to keep from coming - I was circulating my sexual energy and could enjoy a lot of excitement for a long time, it was great!

Even better, I was able to really circulate my sexual energy during sex and could enjoy sex with my wife to the fullest, really enjoy her body, enjoy the experience and fully feel all the excitement and circulate that energy and excitement without worrying about coming. And being able to be that present with the experience without the self-consciousness felt so light and fun. And she noticed the difference, too! She said it felt really close and intense, I could tell she was feeling the energy and it made huge difference for her.

It felt like a really big weight that's been on my shoulders was maybe not fully lifted but lessened significantly. My attitude toward sex shifted away from "this is a BIG DEAL" to "this is FUN," and it's rippled out into other aspects of my way of being.

Not yet having full-body orgasms or full orgasmic control, but I'd say my "plateau" definately shifted from I'd say a 5 to an 8, and that alone is awesome! It's coming along.

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