My experiences with my partner....I am back now....

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My experiences with my partner....I am back now....

Postby danny » Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:07 am

I have been traveling for a while now. I just went to go see a woman I love. She is studying in another country so I visited her for a few weeks.

I would like to talk about my experiences with her and how I felt in general. Before going, I practiced PC and breathing and became more aware of my body and feelings.

However, in general, I have often felt that this awareness and relaxation is very disconnected from sexual energy.

When having sex with my partner, I felt very aware and all, but it seemed to in no way excite me or get my energy moving. I felt like my energy was entirely controlled by biology. The first night I was extremely turned on, then after a while, I ejaculated, and then my energy went way way down. Each time after that, sex had very little feeling for me. Breathing seemed more like exercise, when the first time it felt sensual.

I felt as though my excitement was dictated by when last I ejaculated and how much fluid was in me. I had much difficulty feeling energy anywhere away from my pelvis. As long as I had sex and no matter how relaxed I was, it just wasn't happening.

I was able to have pretty good control on ejaculation, but it sex still was underwhelming most of the time.

I really feel I have a biological issue here. My hormones seem just way extreme. When I get back to LA, I am going to go see a doctor or an endocrinologist about this. I have already heard about a doctor who can do these tests and is also aware of tantra, so maybe they me be able to help figure this out.

I feel like it takes about 10 days after an ejaculation to return to normal. I have no issues really with erections, i mean they are not as powerful within this period, but I can get one without an issue, even though I feel very little desire.

Anyways, with regard to the hormone issue, I was reading online about various issues men can have with high prolactin. There are drugs such as dostinex which reduce prolactin, and apparently have helped greatly reduce refractory periods. I really hate drugs, but I plan to look into this.

I will continue with PC and breathing exercises(I have gotten a little off track) and try and get back into the erotic self explorations. Most of the time with the ESEs, I have felt pretty bored and sleepy. I really don't know what to do about that, because I guess this stuff just isn't very sexy for me or something.

Thanks for reading, and hope I painted a good picture.

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