21 days in a row?

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! The 21‐Day Program for Partners: The main program e‐book. It contains the instructions for every day of the entire program as well as the E‐Sensual Prep Section. These instructions frequently refer to specific supplemental content in your other program materials, especially from the workbook.

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21 days in a row?

Postby flyfisher » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:56 pm

I have started to study the EHOT program and as I understand it? We should do the training for 21 days in a row, for getting the ultimate experience of the program? But I think I can scare my girlfriend a bit if I ask her if we can have sex for 21 days in a row? I think it could be a too big offer to ask for.

What about doing the program three days a week? Or will it be the wrong way to do it, and it will not be the same?
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